My Speech on Corporate Public Growth Guidance:This article is for reference only. If you can help me, you are welcome to comment and share. Speech manuscript has the functions of propaganda, inspiration, education and appreciation. It can convey the speaker's views, opinions and feelings to the audience and readers, so that they can be convinced and resonate in their thoughts and feelings.Following is a carefully organized "I and the company public growth speech" for you to read! Hope to help you! The wonderful content please continue to pay attention! Part I: I and the company public growth speech respected leaders, comrades, hello! I am an employee from ***.Today, the topic of my speech for you is "I Grow with Enterprises".When I walked to this small stage with excitement, I couldn't help imagining.Young I think of myself, think of the responsibility and mission on my shoulders, think of how to make my youth more dazzling and bright! The fate of XX Branch is the fate of every XX, the pride of XXX Branch is the pride of every XX; the development and growth of XXX Branch depends on the dedication and struggle of every employee, and only XXX Branch has developed and expanded.Only in this way can we succeed in every employee.Speaking of this, we will take on the theme of our speech today - enterprises care about employees, employees dedicate to the enterprise."Those who can bear hardships are wise men, and those who are willing to suffer losses are not fools".As a member of XX, we taste bitter more than coffee, and are as crazy as a mother who gives birth to a child.Our devotion to our profession is evident from the sun and the moon; our concern for the enterprise transcends itself.How many days, we wear stars and moons, accompanied by their own to devote unlimited energy to the cause, has gone through one journey after another.How many happy days, we relax tired, savor the sweet harvest, laughing again and again.At this moment, we deeply appreciate the value of dedication, the pursuit of happiness, as well as the trust and support, care and care from colleagues.For this reason, we are excited, proud, and more cherish and love our XX cause.I graduated from XX University in XX in XX, and was assigned to XXXX Station. My unit is mainly responsible for XXXX production and acquisition.Over the past decade, I have deeply realized that leaders at all levels attach great importance to and concern for the improvement of the quality of our young employees. As long as there are opportunities, they will try their best to provide us with opportunities for learning and improvement.Often go to professional training institutions to learn computer knowledge, tobacco production, acquisition knowledge, so that my professional knowledge and business ability has been further improved.After I came back from my studies, with the help of my colleagues, I closely combined my work practice with theoretical knowledge, and soon got skilled in my work.As a tobacco worker, I am lucky.Because there are enterprises that attach great importance to and care about the improvement of my comprehensive quality, colleagues who pass on my experience and help me grow up, and harmonious atmosphere in which we can work together.Through several years of training and hard study, I gradually grew from a hairy student who knew little about the tobacco major to a skilled employee who could take charge of one's own affairs.I think: as a XX employee, the greatest professional value I want to achieve is to take responsibility as a part of the work, into the dribs and drabs of the work, into the pursuit of "loyal enterprise, dedication to society".Since joining XX Company, I have always been enthusiastic about my work.Here are my efforts, my concerns, and my footprints that I can recall for a lifetime.Although my position may be insignificant and my work is ordinary and ordinary, as long as I am dedicated and diligent, I will have no regrets.I have always firmly believed that each of us takes a small step, that is, a big leap forward in the enterprise. Every piece of our brick and tile can achieve another milestone in the development of the enterprise.If we compare business to a big family, we are the children.Enterprises cherish the warm care and love for each family member, so that everyone can get the wealth of growth; and our family members also cherish and support the enterprise, and maintain the inte

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