Construction scheme of cast-in-place concrete square skeleton slope protection I. General Situation of Engineering My contract section is the TJ-XX contract section of XX expressway. The mileage pile number is K111+000~K117+325 and the total length is 6.325 km. When the height of filling slope is more than 5 m and the height of digging slope is more than 8 m, grass irrigation protection in cast-in-situ concrete grid skeleton is adopted. Construction machinery and personnel 1Main construction machinery and equipment Table of main construction machinery and equipment Serial numb er 1 2 3 4 Machine name Excavating machinery Concrete mixing station Concrete mixer truck Steel formwork 5 chute 6 Alternator Mechanical model Compa ny Numbe r PC220 platfor m 2 50type platfor m 1 8M 30KW platfor m square metre 2 100 set 2 platfor m 2 Remarks 2Supervisor staffing: one subgrade professional supervision engineer, one survey professional supervision engineer, one test supervision engineer and one supervisor. 3The staffing of project department: one project general worker, one production deputy manager, one section chief, one technician, one experimenter, one foreman, five template worker, two vibration tamper and ten general worker. III. Construction preparation 1Before the construction of cast-in-situ concrete lining arch, it must be completed by the earthwork construction of the roadbed in this section.First, the side line of the subgrade is measured, and the slope of the subgrade is repaired by excavator combined with manual work. When the slope is repaired, it is repaired by drawing line with gradient ruler. After the slope is repaired, the gradient of the slope must not be greater than the design value. After the slope is checked and accepted by the supervisory engineer, the next working procedure can be carried out. 2Before the foundation is started, the construction organization design and start-up report of the project shall be submitted to the supervising engineer, and the construction shall be started only after the approval of the supervising engineer. 3Surveying and lofting: According to the design requirements, the skeleton foundation sample is determined, the foundation pit is excavated by excavator combined with manual work, and the plane position, elevation and geometric dimension are designed according to the drawings for construction. 4Generators are used to generate electricity at construction site. 5Setting up construction signs of sub-projects on the spot, indicating the main technical person in charge, quality management personnel, testing personnel, safety person in charge, main construction technology and quality standards to guide construction.And establish safety production license. IV. Temporary Drainage Scheme Because the contract section belongs mainly to expansive soil area, measures should be taken strictly to avoid rainwater immersion, erosion of slope surface and foundation pit during construction. Therefore, temporary water interception ditches, water-proof ridges and other facilities should be done before construction to prevent rainwater from destroying the slope, and rain cloth should be prepared to prevent sudden rainfall from scouring the unconsolidated concrete surface during construction. 5. Construction scheme of cast-in-situ concrete square skeleton 1Construction lofting The construction of cast-in-situ concrete square skeleton project is divided into sections. The slope angle (top) line of the square skeleton is set out according to the middle line and cross slope of the subgrade, and the top elevation of the skeleton foundation is determined. The skeleton position is set out accurately according to the length of the slope.After the line position is set up, the supervisor shall report to the supervisor for inspection, and the next working procedure shall be carried out after meeting the requirements. 2Concrete Material and Casting Requirements The lattice skeleton material is C20 concrete. In my contract section, concrete will be supplied centrally from the mixing station.Because concrete needs to be poured on the slope, the slump of concrete should be controlled at 3-5 cm, and the workability is good.Because the skeleton is small in size and on the slope, manual steel insertion brazing is used in pouring.In order to prevent the concrete from sliding, the way of adding baffle diaphragm in the partition can be adopted. 3Construction methods (1) Excavat

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