Model Share Cooperation Agreement Party A: ____________________________u____ Principal Agent: ________________________________________________u E- mail:_____ Party B: ____________________________u____ Principal Agent: ________________________________________________u E- mail:_____ In accordance with the Company Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, and in accordance with the principle of equality and mutual benefit, and through friendly consultation between the sponsors of A and B, it has been decided to establish ______________ Article 1 Company Profile 1The name of the limited liability company applied for establishment shall be formulated as _____________________ 2The company's residence is proposed to be located in __________________________________ 3The organizational form of the company is: Limited Company.The company has independent legal personality. 4Liability undertaking: The company adopts the method of raising and setting up, each shareholder assumes limited liability to the company within the limit of the shares he subscribes to, and the company assumes liability for the company's debts with all its assets.Article 2 Purpose and Business Scope of the Company The company's business purpose is:_________. The company's business scope is _______________________ Article 3 Ownership Structure 1The company shall adopt the method of collection and establishment, and the object of collection shall be the legal person and the public. 2The shares subscribed by the company's promoters account for __________________ of the total shares, 3The shareholders of the company shall be the subscribers at the time of registration. 4The total capital of the company is RMB___________. 5The total capital of the company is divided into equal shares.Shares of a company appear in the form of stocks, which are negotiable securities issued by the company.After the establishment of the joint stock company, it intends to issue ___________________ 6Shares of a company are registered, and stocks held by shareholders are written vouchers for their subscription.Article 4 Classification of Shares Shares of a joint stock company are set as RMB common shares at the time of its establishment, which share the same rights and share the same profits.Article 5 The amount and proportion of sponsors'subscription The net assets audited on the books of the audited book on the day of u_____________________________________________%; Party B shall hold the equity of ________________________________________________%; The net audited book assets of Party C shall be converted into the net assets of u____________________________________________% of the that the total.Article 6 Other Contributions The parties to the contract agree sponsor__________________________________________ Article 7 Time of Payment Within _________________________________ Article 8 Preparatory Committee (1) On the Preparatory proposal Committee of the sponsors, shall be a company established. The Preparatory Committee shall be composed of persons recommended by the sponsors, and the Preparatory Committee shall be responsible for all activities during the preparation of the company.The Preparatory Committee shall set up offices to carry out the daily working system. (2) Duties of the Preparatory Committee 1To organize the drafting and signing of relevant economic documents with the sponsors. 2To be responsible for declaring and requesting approval to the government departments concerning the establishment of the company, etc. 3To be responsible for the work of stock raising and to ensure the safety of the share funds. 4To organize and preside over the company founding meeting and the first shareholders'meeting within 30 days after the completion of all share subscriptions. 5To liaise with shareholders and listen to the opinions of shareholders on the composition of the board of directors and the personnel and the selection of managerial organs; and to make proposals to the first shareholders'meeting of the company in order to select the personnel of the relevant organs of the company fairly and reasonably. (3) Members of the Preparatory Committee shall, regardless of remuneration, issue a number of subsidies as appropriate after the successful establishment of the company.The

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