How to write the government application report? The following three government application report model papers are shared for your reference, welcome to browse! Model 1 of Government Application Report: Report on Applying to the XX People's Government for Preferential Policies for XX Projects XX People's Government:   The project of XX tourism real estate and modern agriculture construction is jointly invested by Shaanxi XX Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (Shaanxi XX Group) and XX Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., which are subordinate to the Shaanxi XX Group. According to the General Plan for the Protection and Utilization of Hanzhong City, in line with the principle of the conservation and utilization of natural resources, and on the basis of taking into account environmental benefits, making rational use of ecological resources and coordinating urban and rural developmentHigh-tech tourism real estate and modern agricultural demonstration area with health experience function are organically integrated local development projects. 1. Brief Introduction of XX Tourism Real Estate and Modern Agricultural Construction Project   XX tourism real estate and modern agriculture construction project will make full use of the three strategies of "cultural heritage, product core competitiveness, value attachment", "traditional agriculture, modern agriculture, future agriculture" three major plates, "reciprocity, sharing, win-win" three major principles to carry out overall planning.The project planning will take into account the relevant policies of national and Hanzhong ecological protection, and take the coordinated development of agriculture, countryside and farmers as the basic starting point.The project combines the favorable natural environment of the project site, the development opportunities of modern agriculture, the huge demand of leisure market in Northwest China, and the advantages of the project unit's own human resources, technology, management and funds. It utilizes the chain development of agriculture as the main line, takes high-end science and technology agriculture as the main target, takes scale characteristic agriculture as the brand, and takes leisure experience tourism as the promotion.Organic integration of agriculture and tourism industry.We will build demonstration zones for the introduction and transformation of advanced agricultural technologies at home and abroad, demonstration zones for agricultural experts and self-driving tourism distribution centers.Promote the upgrading of radiation economic benefits such as tourism, ecological experience, catering and accommodation.It embodies the leisure and natural life attitude and lifestyle, and becomes a national agricultural science and technology demonstration education base.Realize the linkage, mutual benefit and upgrading development of the primary industry, the secondary industry and the tertiary industry.   XX project is based on agricultural development, leisure health experience as the theme, tourism industry as the expansion.After the implementation of the project, we will actively promote and improve the ecological environment of the XX region, create a high-quality ecological and livable recreational life, enhance residents'happiness and create social harmony. The total investment of the project is about 1.12 billion yuan. The direct income of the project is relatively high. It can bring more than 200 million tax revenue and 600 million derivative income. It can also solve the problem of over 2000 surplus rural labor force. It can bring more than 20,000 yuan per year to these labor force and bring great comprehensive benefits to Wuxiang region. II. Brief Introduction of Project Investors The investment units of this project are Shaanxi XX Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and the specific implementation units are XX Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. both of which are wholly owned units of Shaanxi XX Group. Shaanxi XX Group is a foreign enterprise successfully invested and settled in Hanzhong through the joint efforts of regional government leadership, economic and Trade Bureau and XX Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Shaanxi XX Group is a new energy enterprise with coal and electric power as the leading industries, comprehensive development and utilization of resources as its purpose, and adheres to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection development.The company has been awarded honorary titles by Y

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