Contract No. Outdoor Water Supply Pipeline Construction Contract Project Name: Location of the project: First party: Party B: Specific date Outdoor Water Supply Pipeline Construction Contract First party: Party B: In accordance with the Contract Law of the People's Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations, in combination with the relevant provisions of ** provinces and municipalities and the specific conditions of the project, and in accordance with the principles of equality, voluntariness, fairness and good faith, the parties A and B have concluded this contract by consensus. 1. Content, scope and mode of contracting of engineering construction 1.1Project Name: (hereinafter referred to as "this project") 1.2Project Content and Scope: Complete the installation and commissioning of outdoor water supply pipelines and equipment according to the construction drawings provided by Party A and confirmed by Party A in writing and relevant requirements. 1.3Contracting Manpower, mode: Packaging Total contract Machinery, price.Packaging Packaging Equipment Material, Packaging Manpower Material Increase, Packaging Period, Packaging Packaging Quality, Optimum Packaging Design, Technical Packaging Scheme, Application and Approval, Packaging Acceptance and Acceptance, Packaging Completion Material, Packaging Safety and Civilized Construction, Packaging Environmental Protection, Packaging Material Testing, Packaging Debugging and Joint Debugging of Systems, Packaging Technical Training and After-sales Service, Packaging Total Packaging Coordination Fee, Packaging RequirementsAll taxes paid, etc. Two. Construction period 2.1Duration of construction period Date of commencement: year, month and day Date of completion: year, month and day Total calendar days: 2.2 If encounter the following circumstances, the construction period will be postponed accordingly after the onsite representative visas of Party A and Party B. 2.2.1Failure to allocate funds for progress of the project in accordance with the provisions of the contract affects the construction. 2.2.2Construction is affected by force majeure. III. Quality Standards Party B's project quality shall conform to the relevant provisions of the National Code for Acceptance and Acceptance of Construction Quality of Construction Engineering, the Standard for Evaluation of Construction Quality of Construction Engineering and the Unified Standard for Acceptance and Acceptance of Construction Quality of Construction Engineering. IV. Composition of Contract Documents and Order of Interpretation 4.1Composition of contract documents: (1) This contract; (2) Party B's quotation; (3) Construction drawings; (4) Other valid documents confirmed in writing by both parties and affixed with the company's seal (documents without the company's seal are regarded as invalid documents). 4.2The order of interpretation during the performance of this contract shall be in accordance with the above sequence, but shall not be limited to the mutual interpretation between the documents. In case of ambiguity or contradiction, the documents listed in the following time shall prevail. V. Contract Price and Payment Method 5.1Total Contract Price: "Total Contract Price" is the total contract price for this project, including all the work contents and expenses required to meet the acceptance requirements, the quality standards stipulated in the contract, as well as the safety, civilization, accurate construction and repair of defects of the project.The project cost shall not be altered unless the amount of the project increases or decreases due to Party A's design changes. The total price of this contract is RMB (capitalized:) (including tax) 5.2Payment method of contract price 5.2.1The project progress payment shall be paid at **% of the monthly completed amount. 5.2.2After acceptance and acceptance of the completed project and approval of the final settlement of the project, Party A shall pay the **% of the settlement price to Party B, and **% of the settlement price shall be used as the project quality guarantee fund. After the expiration of the guarantee period, the project quality guarantee fund shall be deducted from the expenses borne by Party B and paid to Party B without interest. 5.3 If Party B collects project payment from Party A, it must first provide Party A with legal and compliant project invoices, and Par

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