Safety education before Mid-Autumn Festival holidays in 2019 Teachers and students: Hello everyone!The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, with three days off from Friday, September 13, to Sunday, September 15.In order to ensure that students have a reunion, happy and safe vacation, we put forward the following requirements on safety. We hope that you will abide by them together. First, we should pay attention to traffic safety: during the holidays, there are many people and cars, so we must consciously abide regulations.Civilization, by the relevant standardization of traffic driving, walking.We should pay attention to the safety of driving, not to ride without three vehicles, especially to remind parents not to drive after drinking; cross the road should bear in mind "stop, see twice, pass three", pay attention to the road civilization, minors are prohibited from driving motor vehicles. 2. Attention should be paid to the safety of drowning prevention.Swimming without selfishness, swimming with classmates without authorization, swimming without parents or guardians, swimming in waters without safety facilities and rescuers, swimming in unfamiliar waters, swimming in dangerous waters such as rivers, ditches, reservoirs and puddles on the way to and from school, swimming, playing and playing in water without blindness, and rescuing each other when finding dangerous situations will remind each other.To dissuade and report will be the basic means of self-care and self-help. Third, pay attention to fire safety.We should know how to use fire safely, not play with fire, not set fire in disorder, and take good fire prevention measures.If there is a fire, the relevant departments should be notified or the alarm should be given in time. The fire alarm telephone number is 119.Students are strictly prohibited from participating in fire fighting work in order to avoid unnecessary personal casualties. Fourth, pay attention to personal safety.Do not deal with strangers, to prevent being abducted by bad people, we should be vigilant.Do not play near rivers or railways to prevent dangerous accidents.Attention should be paid to self-help and self-rescue work in emergencies: in case of traffic accidents, fires and other emergencies, timely alarm should be given, in case of gangsters, remember to dial 110 or parents'telephone, and use their wisdom to skillfully deal with gangsters, find opportunities to seek help from adults, to ensure that they get out of danger as soon as possible. 5. Attention should be paid to infectious diseases and prevention of food poisoning.Attention should be paid to the prevention of infectious diseases, such as influenza, measles, meningitis, hepatitis, such as fever, cough, sore throat, rash and other symptoms, body temperature over 38 degrees, parents should take to the hospital as soon as possible, full rest after treatment, and return to school after recovery.If it is diagnosed as an infectious disease, it is necessary to inform the head teacher in time. 6. Dietary hygiene and safety When visiting relatives and friends on Mid-Autumn Festival, we should pay attention to dietary hygiene, avoid overeating, pay attention to the hygiene and safety of food, drinking water and environment when going out, and resolutely refrain from buying garbage food from unlicensed and unlicensed stalls. Seventh, abide by school rules and regulations, speak civilized, understand courtesy, consciously abide by public order when going out, cherish all public facilities, enhance awareness of environmental protection, and be a civilized teenager. 8. Before leaving school on vacation, all classes should carry out vacation safety education for students. 9. All classes and offices should close doors and windows before leaving school, shut down the power supply completely and eliminate hidden dangers. Finally, I wish all teachers and students: Happy MidAutumn Festival!Thank you!

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