Measures for the Management of Company's Request for Sale Leave 1General provisions 1.1In order to further standardize the management of group headquarters vacation requests, clarify the group's vacation welfare policies and procedures for approval of vacation requests, the present management measures are formulated. 1.2These management measures include attendance, stipulation of leave types, management of transferring staff to take leave, examination and approval procedures for taking leave for cancellation, and approval procedures for administrative cadres to take leave for cancellation during irregular working periods. These procedures are applicable to all employees of the headquarters of the Group. 1.3The total number of statutory holidays is 10 days, including 1 New Year's Day, 3 Spring Festival, 3 May Day Labor Day and 3 National Day. 1.4The length of service on leave shall be calculated from the date of signing the labor contract with the Haihang Group; if the employees are transferred among the enterprises within the Group, the length of service shall be calculated continuously. 1.5Attendance, annual leave, family visit leave, sick leave and leave are routinely managed by the Department attendance administrator, and each department has the responsibility of supervision and audit on attendance and leave for cancellation. 2Check work attendance 2.1Employees who arrive late or leave less than 2 hours before the prescribed time without leave are deemed to be late or leave early; those who leave more than 2 hours (including) are deemed to be absent from work, and absenteeism is calculated on a full-time basis. 2.2The attendance administrator of each department shall strictly register the departmental attendance, fill in the "Haihang Group Attendance Statistics Statement" and distribute the documents to the Human Resources Department for the record before 3 days of each month after approval by the departmental leaders. 2.3Departments keep monthly attendance records for inspection. If they find that the attendance records do not conform to the actual situation, the first person in charge of the Department and the attendance administrator will be held accountable. Depending on the seriousness of the circumstances, they will be punished by notifying, criticizing or withholding 1-3 months'performance pay. 2.4For late/early retirement, penalties are deducted at 50 yuan per time, and the cumulative monthly wages are deducted accordingly. 2.5If the absenteeism lasts for less than 15 consecutive days and the cumulative absenteeism lasts for less than 30 days, the company will terminate its labor contract relationship if the absenteeism lasts for 15 consecutive days (including) or for 30 consecutive days (including) within 12 consecutive months. 3Specified species 3.1The group headquarters stipulates 11 kinds of leave, including sick leave, family leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, four vacations for female employees, accompanying leave, work-related injury leave, birth control leave, blood donation leave, annual leave and family visit leave. 3.2The number of vacation days is calculated by working days, excluding statutory holidays and public holidays. According to national regulations, the average number of working days per month is 20.92 days (21 days per month according to integer days). 4Compassionate leave 4.1Accumulated annual leave does not exceed 21 days. 4.2The basic salary and performance salary shall be deducted according to the actual number of vacation days. 5sick leave 5.1Employees who take more than one day off due to illness must go through the leave formalities on the basis of the medical center diagnostic slip, and there is no certificate issued by the people's hospital at or above the municipal level at the place of work. 5.2Employees suffering from serious diseases or infectious diseases must be examined by local and municipal hospitals. Medical centers should check and confirm their recovery before returning to work. 5.3If the sick leave is less than 2 months (including), the performance pay shall be deducted according to the actual number of days off; if the continuous sick leave is more than 2 months and less than 6 months (including), the performance pay and welfare allowance shall be deducted according to the number of days off from the third month; if the continuous sick leave exceeds 6 months, the performance pay, welfare allowanc

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