1OBJECTIVE: To control the refueling and feeding in the workshop of our company so as to ensure that the refueling and feeding can meet the needs of production in time. 2Scope of application: Applicable to the company's workshop with non-conforming specifications of materials, materials overrun, bad materials and dead materials (long-term non-use). 3Definition (no) 4Duty Quality Assurance Department: responsible for the inspection of returned materials; Warehouse: responsible for inventory and storage of returned materials; Production team: responsible for material return and replenishment; 5Working procedure 5.1Return summary: The responsible person of each production team will classify and summarize the materials that need to be returned, and then send them to the inspection group of Quality Department. 5.2 Quality Inspection: After inspection by the Quality Department, the materials to be returned are classified into three categories: waste materials, industrial waste and good products, and the reasons for scrap are indicated (waste materials refer to the rejection of unqualified materials from the production line; industrial waste: A. refers to materials damaged in the production process; B. refers to materials damaged by inspection or process test; C. refers to materials scrap caused by other reasons or engineering changes). 5.3 Return 5.3.1 The inspection report of the Quality Department shall be forwarded to the warehouse manager. 5.3.2 The production department will send the classified materials and the "Return List" and "Scrap List" after the verification of the inspection signature to the corresponding warehouse. 5.3.3 The warehouse management receives different warehouses (qualified materials returned to good product area, unqualified materials returned to waste warehouse) according to the classified quantity specified in the Return List and the scrap list, and records the corresponding Inventory Card. 5.3.4 Replenishment: Return unit will purchase the stub of Return Bill at the same level. Purchase will be made into Purchasing Plan according to the situation, and follow up to replenish the materials as soon as possible. 5.4 Supplementary materials: If the materials are returned and need to be replenished, the responsible person of the Ministry of Production shall open the "Receiving List" to handle the procedures of material collection, and indicate the reasons for the replenishment and produce the relevant supplementary certificates on the "Receiving List", which shall be submitted to the warehouse for operation after confirmation by the Department head. 5.5 Account Record: Warehouse warehouse keeper will record all kinds of vouchers in time. 5.6 Form Preservation and Distribution: The warehouse clerk will classify and file the documents of the day or centralize them to the relevant departments.

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