Major Financial Status of Construction Enterprises Corporate code: Business Detailed Name: Table number: Enterprise Registration Type_ Table-making organs: State-owned economy holding situation_1, absolute 2, relative Document number: Enterprise Qualification Level: Sequence_Level_Professional_ Quarterly Report Units of measurement: Indicator Name Code Accumulated since the beginning of the year nail B 1 Project settlement income 01 Project Settlement Cost 02 Taxes and Additions for Project Settlement 03 Project Settlement Profit 04 Other business income 05 Profits of other businesses 06 Management cost 07 Among them: tax 08 Labor and unemployment insurance premium 09 Financial cost 10 operating profit 11 Total profit 12 Depreciation this year 13 Total Wages in Main Business 14 Principal Business Welfare 15 Project arrears at the end of the term 16 Among them: Delays in completion 17 Head of Unit: Filler: Contact number: Time of submission: Telephone: Fax:

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