Dongsheng company Maintenance system of machinery and equipment In order to rationally organize the maintenance of mechanical equipment, prolong the service life of equipment and improve the intact rate of equipment, these measures are formulated. I. Division of Responsibility 1When the mechanical equipment is returned after use, the inspector of the maintenance workshop of the Material and Equipment Department fills in the "Inspection and Acceptance Form for the Storage of Mechanical Equipment" and jointly signs and approves with the equipment personnel of the user to verify whether the equipment has defects of assembly and spare parts, meters and accessories, in addition to normal wear and tear, so as to distinguish responsibility. 2Machinery and equipment returned from the site shall be maintained by the maintenance workshop to ensure the normal operation of the equipment when it is put into use again. 3According to the technical condition of the equipment, determine the type of repair and fill in the Record of Maintenance and Maintenance of Construction Equipment. Its normal cost is amortized to the project cost.Due to the violation of equipment maintenance regulations and abnormal use of machinery and equipment damage, the cost of repair shall be borne by the user. 4Every equipment that has been put into use out of the warehouse shall be maintained and maintained by the operator, and regular repairs shall be carried out by the equipment personnel of the user unit and the maintenance crew. 5When the repaired equipment is discharged from the warehouse, the Material and Equipment Department and the user shall sign and approve it together, and fill in the Requirement Form for Construction Equipment and Equipment. Unqualified equipment shall not be discharged from the warehouse for use. 6After the equipment is discharged from the warehouse, the user shall bear the expenses of daily maintenance and regular repairs; if there are any items that cannot be repaired and maintained, the user may entrust the maintenance workshop of the material and equipment department to repair them, and the user shall be responsible for the expenses incurred. II. Categories and Methods of Repair 1Overhaul: There is only one reference basis for the overhaul interval of mechanical equipment. Whether overhaul is needed depends mainly on whether its technical condition conforms to the overhaul technical terms.The plan for overhaul of construction equipment should be filled in and submitted to the Material and Equipment Department for approval. A. The technical conditions for overhaul of machinery and equipment are as follows: 1Engine A. Significant decrease in dynamic performance (generally more than 20%) B. Severe burning of engine oil (oil consumption is more than twice the quota) C. Cylinder pressure is too low (less than 60% of the standard) after the engine is heated. 2) Mechanical part A. The main parts of the transmission mechanism reach the extreme wear degree, which makes the mechanical equipment have the phenomenon of yaw, abnormal noise or impact dithering in operation. B. The steering control mechanism is worn, the clearance is too large, and the control is out of order. C. Gear axle wear of gearbox is very difficult to shift or often jump. D. Serious deformation or cracking of the main frame. E. The walking mechanism is worn seriously and can not work properly. F. Brake machinery is seriously worn, operation failure, braking capacity decline or failure, unable to adjust. G. Work equipment is worn seriously, operation failure, can not complete the normal workload or work accuracy can not meet the requirements. The above-mentioned situations can not be eliminated by means of adjustment and minor repair. Continuing to use will lead to serious accident consequences. Only by disintegration and overhaul can the technical performance of mechanical equipment be restored.More than two assemblies to be repaired can be regarded as overhaul, and one assembly to be repaired is regarded as intermediate repair. B. Mechanical equipment repair methods: on-the-car repair method, assembly replacement repair method. C. Overhaul Acceptance 1) External Acceptance Inspection: Mainly inspect the integrity of mechanical equipment assembly, including lubrication, ruggedness and leakage inspection. 2) Air operation or test load test: The main test mechanical equipment dynamic performance, including starting performance, braking performance and safety pe

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