Main Work Contents of Construction Project Safety Supervision 1. Construction preparation stage: (1) According to the requirements, compile project supervision plan including safety supervision content, clarify the scope, content, working procedures and system measures of safety supervision, as well as staffing plan and responsibilities. (2) For medium-sized and above projects and sub- projects with greater danger as stipulated in the Regulations, the supervising unit shall compile detailed rules for the implementation of supervision. (3) To examine whether the safety technical measures in the construction organization design compiled by the construction unit and the safety special construction schemes for the sub-projects with greater risks conform to the compulsory standards for construction projects.The main contents of the review include: protection measures for underground pipelines prepared by construction units, special construction schemes for sub-projects, organization design of temporary power supply construction on construction site, technical measures for safe power use and electrical fire prevention measures, formulation of seasonal construction schemes such as winter and rainy periods, general layout of construction, temporary facilities installation, drainage and fire prevention measures. (4) To inspect the establishment and improvement of safety production rules and regulations and safety supervision institutions of construction units on engineering projects and the allocation of full-time safety production management personnel, and to urge construction units to inspect the establishment of safety production rules and regulations of subcontractors. (5) To examine the qualification of the construction unit and the validity of the safety production license. (6) To examine whether project managers and professional safety production managers are legally qualified and consistent with bidding documents. (7) Examine the validity and legality of the special operation qualification certificate of the special operation personnel. (8) To examine and verify the emergency rescue plan and the use plan of safety and protective measures for construction units. 2. Construction phase (1) Supervise the construction units to organize the construction according to the safety technical measures and special construction plans in the construction organization design (the Global Network School Supervisory Engineer Channel is arranged for you), and stop the illegal construction work in time. (2) Regular inspection and inspection of dangerous engineering operations in the construction process. (3) Check the acceptance procedures of self- elevating erection facilities and safety facilities at the construction site. (4) Check whether all kinds of safety signs and protective measures on construction site meet the requirements of mandatory standards, and check the use of safety production costs. (5) To urge construction units to carry out self- inspection of safety, and to conduct spot checks of self-inspection of construction units, and to participate in special inspection of safety production organized by construction units.

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