Recommendation Respected leaders: Hello! Now I recommend XXX students majoring in mechanical design and manufacturing and automation to your institute. Since entering our school, XXX students have been strict with themselves, hard-working, hard to learn professional knowledge, and have achieved good results, with a good level of professional knowledge, excellent learning ability, dare to innovate, and constantly pursue excellence. The student served as Deputy Secretary of the League Committee of our college and assisted the League Committee of our college in carrying out various tasks. Because of his outstanding performance during his tenure, he was awarded the title of outstanding member of the Communist Youth League of Shijiazhuang City. During his spare time, the student actively participated in various competitions and social practice activities, which enabled him to have a better ability of organizing and coordinating, a high sense of responsibility and on-the-site adaptability. In terms responsible, of work, diligent the and student is enthusiastic, down-to-earth, and pays attention to team spirit and collective concept.The student has a strong endurance, willpower and hard-working quality. He is conscientious and responsible for his work, positive and enterprising, optimistic and persistent personality, and dares to face difficulties and challenges. Generally speaking, Sun Di is an excellent college student with high political literacy, strong organizational ability, solid basic knowledge responsibility, which meets and strong sense the requirements of of modernization.I believe that he can quickly be competent for his own work, and in practice continue to learn, and constantly improve himself. I sincerely recommend him to your company for consideration. He will certainly bear the heavy trust of the company.Thank you again for reading in your busy schedule, and sincerely development and prosperity! This brings Salute! wish your unit vigorous XXXXXX League Secretary: XXX year XXXX month XXX day

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