Responsibilities of Construction Workers in Project Department 1. Carefully implement various technical measures to ensure quality, safety, time limit and cost reduction in construction organization design and construction scheme. 2. Organize construction according to design drawings, specifications, construction organization design (scheme) and quality and safety standards, guide workers in the management area to operate in accordance with technical and quality and safety standards, and correct all illegal command and illegal operations; 3. Work out construction schedule operation plan, arrange the use of labor force, materials, machinery and equipment rationally, arrange flow work and cross work rationally, and cooperate with technical team to solve technical problems such as construction difficulties and key parts in time. 4. Cooperate with surveyors to do the surveying work well. 5. According to the characteristics of production tasks, assign tasks to teams and subcontractors and make written technical, process, quality and safety submissions. 6. Insist on the "three inspection system" and organize the process self-inspection, mutual inspection and handover inspection of construction teams. Unqualified processes shall not be handed over to the next process. 7. Familiar with construction drawings and other design technical documents and standards, participate in internal drawings review and review; 8. Participate in the inspection and acceptance of concealed projects, the acceptance of engineering structures and the acceptance of unit projects. 9. To urge the construction team to rectify the safety and quality problems in time; 10. Fill in construction progress log, quality report form, project schedule, all kinds of original records of construction process, construction responsible person's check-in form, project claim form and so on to check, collate and collect, to ensure its integrity, accuracy and traceability.

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