Project management is the foundation and important component of construction enterprise management; project is the soul of enterprise survival, and the quality of project management directly determines the success or failure of the enterprise.Therefore, it is very important to study how to strengthen the project management level of construction enterprises.Construction project management is a one-time integrated management and control of the whole process, which takes specific construction projects or construction projects as objects, objectives and contents, and constantly optimizes the objectives.Project management is a series of organization, planning, motivation, communication, inspection and control activities to achieve project objectives.Project management is implemented through an organization, often using the method of goal management.Project management covers a wide range of knowledge, and construction project management is a complex process. How to improve project quality, ensure progress, reduce project cost and improve economic efficiency is the key to the survival and development of construction enterprises. Necessity of improving the management level of construction project: (1) The gradual improvement and development of the construction market calls for the intensification of competition in the construction market. Competition for winning bids is very fierce, and profit margins are constantly being compressed. Improving the management level of construction projects has become a top priority for enterprises.To improve the management level of construction project will focus on improving the professional technical ability, management service level and the depth of knowledge and information of the specialty.At the same time, the renewal speed of new technology, new material, new technology and new equipment in the construction market is faster. To survive and develop, enterprises must accept new technology and new material, adopt new technology and new equipment, and constantly improve the management level of construction projects. (2) Customer-centered market needs, because of the increasingly fierce market competition, customer-centered management concept is more prominent, and specialized project management is reflecting the concept of customercentered.Customers of construction projects, generally government departments and group companies, will have higher and higher requirements for project quality and other aspects.Effective project management is one of the ways to increase added value.On the one hand, project management improves its own technical management ability, on the other hand, it improves the production efficiency, and effectively controls the quality, time limit and cost.When choosing construction units, customers will inevitably choose enterprises with good project management system and project management implementation experience. (3) The development of construction enterprises requires enterprises to maintain a sustained and strong momentum of development. They must improve the level of project management, cultivate excellent professional and technical personnel, use advanced machinery and equipment, and improve the ability of specialized management. This is the only way for enterprises to maintain a strong development.Cost reduction, profit margin improvement and productivity are the pursuit goals of enterprises. Projects are the first line of production. They directly produce production value and are the source of profits of enterprises. Therefore, the level of project management is particularly important.The production management of construction enterprises must be carried out around various project activities. As an industry with a long history, the development of construction industry is in a critical period.The level of management not only directly affects the economic benefit of the engineering department, but also relates to the realization of the overall benefit goal of the construction enterprise and the future development of the enterprise.Especially since the beginning of the new century, China's economy has maintained the momentum of steady and rapid development. With the in-depth development of a series of strategies, such as the western development, the revitalization of the old industrial zone in Northeast China, the rise of the Central Plains, disaster reconstruction and the acceleration of urbanization, China's construction market has developed rapidly. We

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