Receiver post responsibility Management Relations: Superior: Line Supervisor, Installation Supervisor Subordinates: None Operating duty Responsible for checking, measuring and bar number of arrivals Responsible for inspection of goods Operational requirements 1The quantity of goods must be counted correctly. 2The measurement must be accurate and should not be arbitrarily estimated.If the random inspection finds that the measurement is inaccurate, 2% error is allowed for the volume and weight, and more than 2% is assessed by nonmeasurement. 3The bar number of each ticket must be accurate.If the package of a ticket is different, inform the drawer to make notes on the bill of lading.Easy to find goods. 1Identify whether the stored goods are inflammable, explosive and other dangerous goods transported in violation of regulations. 2Inspection of the outer packing of goods in warehouse should be carried out in time to find out that the outer packing is damaged, wet and the packing belt is broken. Responsible for inspection and repair of damaged package on arrival Reasonable and standardized stockpiling of goods 4. If the goods are found to be damaged or damaged in the outer packing upon delivery, the supervisor shall immediately report to the shipper and contact the shipper for disposal; if only the outer packing is slightly damaged, the damaged goods shall be repackaged in time with packing tape, adhesive paper, etc. 1Reasonable arrangement of goods stacking according to the route of delivery and the attributes of the goods. 2To isolate goods and improve the utilization rate of warehouses. 3The code of the goods must be standardized and orderly, so that the codes are stable, with passages left, horizontal as rows, vertical as columns, big as not small, heavy as not light, good as not bad, the bar number is outward, and according to the direction of the arrowhead marked on the packing box, inversion is strictly prohibited; the freight label is outward, easy to view. 4Handling and unloading of cargo should be done safely first. Handling and handling should be light and light. Cargo should not be discarded or towed on the ground.If the rough throwing, throwing or falling of the goods results in the damage of the outer packing or the goods, the compensation shall be made according to the corresponding value. Management warehouses freight yards of and Complete other tasks assigned by the leader. 1Strengthen the safety management of warehouses and goods, keep the warehouse environment clean and tidy, and do a good job in fire prevention, anti-theft, moistureproof and other work. KPI Examination Form for Receiver of Logistics Limited Company Indicators and tasks basic target Expect target KPI 1 Quantity, Specification and Weight Measurement of Goods 95% 99% 2 Place the goods at the designated location 100% 100% 3 Standard and neat cargo yarding 100% 100% 100% 100% 4 Cargo Abnormal Reporting and Rescue Measures weigh t Addition and subtraction score description X < 95% 95%<X<99% X > 99% 20branc h For every 0.5% reduction, 2 points will be deducted. For every more than 0.2%, the reward is 2 points. 2 points deducted for each found item, until the deduction is completed 2 points deducted for each discovery, until the deduction is completed 2 points deducted for each discovery, until the deduction is completed Brief description of completion data sources Supervisio n by competent and relevant departme nts Managers, Supervisor s and Related Personnel Managers, Supervisor s and Related Personnel Managers, Supervisor s and Related Personnel Scoring Departm ent Manager Scoring Human Resource s Departm ent Scoring 5 Outer packing or damage of goods caused by rough unloading 6 Quantity of loading and unloading cargo Total nothin g nothin g If the outer packing is slightly damaged and is not hindered by timely rescue, no deduction may be made; if the outer packing is not usable or the goods are damaged, compensation shall be made according to the outer packing or the value of the goods. Managers, Supervisor s and Related Personnel Finance Departme nt / Points added and deducted for special matters other than KPI (no more than 20 points added and deducted) Increased/deducted points Reason description Add / deduct points autograp h If the position offers KPI assessment indicators on its own initiative, it will be awarded 1-10 points per item after examination and approval. Increase

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