Kindergarten Safety Education Program- Travel Safety Teaching Form: Group or Group Teaching Teaching method: situational performance method, behavioral discrimination method, story enlightenment method Activity objectives: 1. Let children understand some safety common sense when they travel with their parents. 2. Develop children's safety awareness and self-protection potential. Core elements: Be careful not to stay away from your parents when you play. Strange, don't mess up, remember for safety Activity preparation: rabbit headdress, organize children's rehearsal sitcom in advance Basic process: (1) Import activities: 1. On this day, I invited Mother Rabbit and her children (Xiao Hui, Xiao Bai). They are going to give performances to the children. Please watch carefully. 2. Invite a teacher and a child to perform together. (2) Key steps: 1. Situational Performance: Mother Rabbit took two rabbits to the forest to collect mushrooms.Mother told the children to be by their side and not to go to dangerous places alone.Little Grey Rabbit picked mushrooms beside her mother, and Little White Rabbit quietly left.He only caught butterflies by himself, and finally lost his way.Mother rabbit looked for it for a long time before she found it. The little white rabbit cried to her mother and said, "Mom, I'm wrong.After that, I will never leave my mother again." 2. Discussions: (1) Who did the right thing with two rabbits? (2) What should we pay attention to when we travel with our parents?What should we do? Activity Extension: 1. Children can be educated on etiquette of safety awareness through games. For example, the game "Old Cat Can't Wake Up in Sleep" The baby said a nursery rhyme beside the cat's mother: "The old cat can't wake up from sleep. The kitten peeps out secretly because the kitten loves games and goes out quietly." The kitten said, and left her mother gently. The cat's mother called the kitten, and the kitten quickly returned to the cat's mother. 2. Lead children to travel, carry out safety education for children before travel, further develop children's safety awareness and improve their self-protection potential. Home Interaction: 1. Parents should put forward specific requirements for their children before taking them out. 2. When traveling, children should be guided to pay attention to safety and not go to dangerous places alone. Notes: When going out, children should be allowed to move in their own sight. Activity Reflection: 1. Which part of the activity is the child most interested in?Why? 2. What do you think is the success of this activity? 3. What other areas do you think need to be improved?How can we improve it?

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