Teaching plan for safety education in kindergartens-Lightning protection I. Activity objectives: 1. Educate children to learn how to prevent thunder and lightning. 2. Exercise children's decision potential and imagination potential to enhance children's safety awareness. 3. Through the form of playing games, children can enjoy activities in playing and learning, and grasp safety knowledge faster and better. II. Activity preparation: 1. Material preparation: 1) Recorders and tapes. 2) Simulate a big tree. 3) One analog pole and one wire. 4) A simulated house. 5) Cut a long thin strip of silver wrapping paper. 6) Little rabbit headdress (a few). 7) One basket. 8) Music "Fishing". 9) Self-compiled nursery rhyme "Safety against Lightning". 2. Knowledge and experience preparation: Know little actors in situational performances. 3. Activity process: 1. Import. On this day, the children invited us to visit their home. Now let's go. 2. The situation of sheltering from thunderstorm and lightning. 1) Just halfway down the road, there was a thunderstorm and lightning (playing music on the tape recorder). "Children, it's raining, thunder, run away." Carefully observe where the children hide. 2) The rain stopped and went on. He came to ***'s house and sat down. His mother hospitalized US warmly. 3. Questions around the situation of lightning and thunderstorm shelter just now: 1) What happened to us on the way just now? 2) This day, the little lovely met the same thing as us. Now, let's see how he did it, OK? 4. Watch the courseware How to Prevent Lightning and Lightning 5. Discuss the courseware materials with children. 1) Where did she hide from lightning, rain and lightning? 2) Where did the little brother hide from thunder, rain and lightning? 3) Little cute, little brother, who did it right? 4) Teachers'summary. A) Can't run under the tree to avoid thunderstorms and lightning. B) Can not hide in high-risk places. C) Can't hide under the pole. D) Can't hide in damp places. 6. Teaching Children's Song "Safe Lightning Protection" 7. Performing game Rain Scenario Design: Play the music "Rain". Mother rabbit and rabbits go to collect mushrooms with the light music. Suddenly it rained and thundered. Mother rabbit and rabbits quickly took shelter from the rain.When the rain stopped, Mother Rabbit praised the rabbit for hiding well and right. 8. End. Once again, the rabbits went out with their mother to pick mushrooms. Nursery rhymes: Safety against thunder and lightning to follow adults to the outing, happy heart in the green, suddenly lightning and thunder, what to do at this time? Never run in a panic! Safety lightning protection has a good plan: You can't hide under trees; you can't hide under poles; you can't hide under damp places; you can't hide in high-risk places; you can't look around in a hurry; you can squat down at low places, and the thunder and lightning don't move any more, so you can safely go home.

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