Kindergarten Safety Education Program - Great Firefighter Activity objectives: 1. Children understand the basic knowledge of fire prevention and fighting, and enhance their awareness of fire prevention. 2. Guiding children to practice drilling, improving children's balance potential, and training children's movement coordination. Activity preparation: 1. Photos of firefighters, fire video 2. A picture of firefighter's fire fighting. The scene is decorated with "poultry, livestock, wild animals" home (including word cards). 3. Drilling four holes, balancing beam four, "crying, telephone ringing, fire truck sound" tapes. Activity process: 1. Exchange photos collected to guide children to recall the great places of firefighters and arouse interest. 2. Exploring the relationship between the work of firefighters and people 1. Watch the video. 2, discussion (1) Why did the fire break out? (2) If you were a firefighter, how would you fight the fire? (3) How do firefighters do it? 3. Watch the video again (1) Tell me about your fear of fire?Why? (2) Are firefighters afraid of fire?What kind of person do you think he is? 4, summary 3. Game "Little Firefighter" 1. The alarm sounds. Teacher: There is a fire in the animal kingdom. We need help to fight the fire. Introduce activities to stimulate children's interest in playing games. Discussion: How to rescue small animals? 2. Show the pictures to let the children understand the basic knowledge of fire fighting. Teacher demonstrates using "water" to fight "fire" (demonstrating with word cards). Discuss: What can be used to fight fire besides water? 3. Game: Little Firefighter (1) Explain the protagonist: the division "changes" into a fire captain, and the children become firefighters.Wear fire signs quickly. (2) Captain's assignment and requirement: Drill through the cave, cross the single wooden bridge, go to the nearby river to find "water" to rescue "fire", each firefighter rescues a small animal at a time. (3) Firefighters began to act. The fire captain directed the firefighters to put out the fire with the fastest speed and rescue small animals. Teachers should pay attention to instructing children to practice drilling, and train children to coordinate their movements in repeated running back and forth. (4) Send the rescued animals home: The children read the names of the animals and classify them according to poultry, livestock and wild animals, and send them back to their homes. (5) Play the second game, review and read the corresponding Chinese characters again, and practice drilling. Hearing the cries of small animals, firefighters entered the fire again, rescued the small animals and sent them home. (6) Summary activities of fire captain to evaluate the performance of firefighters on this day.

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