Kindergarten Safety Education Program - Don't Follow Strangers Target 1. Understand that you can't trust strangers and don't follow strangers. 2. Understand and master some ways to get along with strangers. Activity preparation 1. Four related pictures. 2. Ask an aunt who is unknown to a child to act as a stranger and set up a performance situation. 3. Toys, jelly, chocolate. Activity Process I. Story "Sand and Strangers" 1. Story about Shasha and Strangers: Shasha is playing alone in the yard. A stranger asks him how to get to the park. Shasha politely tells him how to get there. The stranger thanks Shasha very much.When she got home, Shasha told her mother about it. Her mother said, "Shasha, you did right! But there are still some things you should pay more attention to."Shasha quickly asked her mother, "What else should we pay attention to?" 2. Mass discussion: (1) Why did Mom say Shasha did the right thing (2) Let's guess what Mom said to Shasha and what we should pay attention to. 3. Show pictures: Fig. 1: When a stranger asks you to go out with him, you can't go with him. Fig2: When strangers give you gifts or delicious food, you can't ask for it. Fig. 3: When strangers are going to your house, you can't lead the way. Fig. 4: When strangers drag you along with them, you should resist and shout for help. Situational Exercise Situation1: A strange uncle said to a child, "Kid, you are so cute. I invite you to eat jelly."Then he took out his toys to play with. Mass discussion: If you can understand a stranger's gift, how should you say it to him? Situation 2: A strange aunt knocks on the door and enters the classroom. She says to a child, "I'm your mother's good friend. She's not free to pick you up this day.Let me take you home and follow me. Teacher reminds: (1) Do you know her; (2) If you don't know her, can you trust her; (3) What should you say to this aunt? Teacher's summary: Be polite to strangers, but don't easily believe what they say, especially don't walk with strangers. 3. Choose the game (each question has two answers A and B, and the child is on the right side of the answer). 1. Is a stranger a bad person? A. Strangers are bad people.Strangers don't have to be bad people. 2. Can you go with strangers? A. To go to parks and playgrounds.B. You can't go anywhere. 3. An aunt who knows you wants to take you out. A. Can go with her.B. Be sure to tell Mom and Dad first. 4. An unknown uncle gives you something to eat: A. Chocolate and jelly can't be eaten. Drinks can be drunk. B. You can't eat anything. 5. When it rains heavily, a stranger says to drive you home. A. Thank you first and then get on the bus.B. No boarding. 6. Strangers ask your name. Who's in the family? Can you tell him? A. You can only tell his name, not who is in his family. B. Nothing to tell him. Fourth, the end of the activity reminds young children not to leave the masses and adults when they go out, and they should not be credulous when they meet strangers. In the beginning part of the activity, the activity reflects on what happened between the chameleon salsa and a stranger, and triggers the children to talk about "strangers" on the basis of their existing experience.Understanding and what to pay attention to when meeting strangers.Then through the study of the masses, help all children understand and master some ways to get along with strangers, so that children can understand how to deal with the possible dangers: I think it is not enough to tell children "do not understand the candy of strangers or don't talk to strangers", but also must describe the situation they may encounter, and then guide children how to do it.So I set up some situations which are very close to children's real life to arouse children's interest. Help children understand some problems and phenomena that may be encountered in life. Then through game activities, we can analyze and decide together, and understand that we should not trust strangers'words in life, let alone walk with strangers.

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