Kindergarten Safety Education Program - Bite Electricity Activity objectives: 1. Recognize the signs of "electrical hazard". 2. Through the story, we can understand that there are biting electricity hidden in the electrical outlet, so we can't touch it with our hands. 3. Preliminary training of children's awareness of safe electricity use and safety. Activity preparation 1, "Electric danger" logo picture, plug-in board 2, spouse: Grey Wolf, little mouse 3, a set of hand pictures for children's operation; smiling face, crying face pictures each. Activity process: 1. Appreciate the story and ask simple questions according to the story: (1) Who is in the story? (2) What are the treasures they stole?(Teachers ask questions and show plug-in boards to children) (3) What is hidden in the plugboard?Can the plugboard touch? (4) Where do we have a plugboard in our classroom?Where do you have a plugboard in your house? 2. Recognize the signs of "electrical hazard": Teacher: Pleasant Sheep has also brought us many pictures. Let me take a look at them together, show them to guide children to recognize them, and tell them where they have seen such a sign. 3. Who is wrong with whom? (1) Teacher: Here are two pictures of each of our children given by Pleasant Sheep. He is going to test us. The children in these two pictures are the ones who are most wrong with each other. (Kids are free to communicate and ask individual children to talk about it.) (2) Show a crying face and a smiling face. Ask the child to send the right one to the smiling face according to his own decision, and the wrong one to the crying face. 4. Summarize the conversation: educate children not to touch the plugboard, not to poke their fingers and small metal pieces into the plugboard and the small mouth of the socket, the plugs of electrical appliances should be plugged in by parents, learn to use electricity safely. Affiliated Story: A biting electricity A little mouse took advantage of the Pleasant Sheep to go out, sneak into the house and steal things, and found a baby.The baby is white, with many small mouths, and a long thin tail trailing behind it. As long as the mouse plugs the TV into the small mouth, the TV will speak. Once the lamp plug is inserted into the small mouth, the lamp will turn on. Once the fan plug is inserted into the small mouth, the fan will turn.The little mouse thought: This is a good baby, I want to steal it.But baby is bigger than mouse, how to move it?The little mouse said, "I'm going to invite friends to help me."It just went out and met Grey Wolf. The little mouse said quickly, "Grey Wolf, there is a baby in Pleasant Sheep's house. Dare you steal it?"Grey Wolf immediately said, "I'm not afraid of anything. Take me with you!" Coming to the Pleasant Goat's house, Grey Wolf looked at the baby and shook his head and said, "What kind of treasure is that?"It's neither edible nor funny. I won't steal it."The little mouse said anxiously, "That baby is amazing. It can make the TV talk, the lamp turn on and the fan turn on."Grey Wolf opened his eyes at once and grabbed the baby. His finger went into the baby's mouth. "Ah!"Grey Wolf cried out and felt numbness all over his body. His hair stood on end.The little mouse cried out in horror, "Grey Wolf, danger!Get rid of it!But Grey Wolf could not shake off, and his tail caught fire and smoke came out."It hurts so much!"Grey Wolf cried out and fainted. The little mouse ran away in fear. When Pleasant Goat came home, he saw Grey Wolf fainting on the ground and said, "Grey Wolf must come to my house to steal things. I must call the police immediately."Adult Baobao took the Grey Wolf away and closed it up. When the Grey Wolf woke up, Adult Baobao asked, "Grey Wolf, how did you faint?"Grey Wolf bowed his head and said, "There's a baby in the Pleasant Sheep's family. I fainted when I touched it."Adult Baobao laughed and said, "That's the plug board. There's a biting electricity hidden in the plug board. Your hand must reach into the small mouth of the plug board. It's good if you're electrified and wake up."Grey Wolf was so frightened that he threw out his tongue that he never dared to touch the plugboard again.

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