Welcome home, children New term Beginning with the Heart Class 7.6 Theme class meeting oking back on our p • Thank you to all the class committe es. • Thank all the class representatives. • Thank all the team leaders. • Thank you to all the students who have contributed to the class. • Thank you to all the students who r epresent the class to participate in various activities. • Thank you to everyone in Class 7.6. Looking back on the impressions, we have made a lot of achievements and won many awards.Which one do you feel the most? Tell me about your feelings! ____________ The 40 th power of 1.1 equals 45.26 The 40 th power of 0.9 equals 0.15 Through this formula, I just want to prove to you that, Every honor can't be won without everyone's efforts. The success of every activity is inseparable from everyone's cooperation. Everyone took a small step back, and the whole class took a big step back. Class 7.6, our common home Who am I? I am a member of the family... I am a member of the class... I am in Class 7.6 and Class 7.6 is me...I am lazy. Class 7.6 is lazy. I'm dirty. Class 7.6 is dirty. I fell behind. Class 7.6 fell behind. I failed, Class 7.6 failed. I have made progress, 7.6 is excellent! Honorary students Learning Star: Xiao Shuxiang, Li Linji, Deng Yonghao, Pu Suhua, Li Runjing, Xiong Lulu, Huang Zhaolin, Hong Yuan Xiaoxue, Yang Zhenhao, Li Kaixin, Tang Binyuan and Li Xiang The Star of Progress: Luo Zhiyao, Wang Yichuan, Zheng Wenwei, Zhang Yi, Liu Rongfeng, Liu Canyu, Yang Xiang and Feng Jianyun Honorary List for Final Examination Top 10 in Chinese: Huang Zhaolin, Pu Suhua, Zhang Yi, Li Linji, Tang Binyuan, Xiong Lulu, Li Runjing, Li Kaixin, Zhang Yindan, Liu Rongfeng Top 10 in Mathematics: Deng Yonghao, Li Linjie, Pu Suhua, Yang Zhenhao, He Yongquan, Huang Zhaolin, Hong Yuan Xiaoxue, Xiao Shuxiang, Wanjie, Li Runjing Top 10 in English: Xiong Lulu, Wanjie, Yang Zhenhao, Deng Yonghao and Tang Binyuan Li Linjing, Huang Zhaolin, Zhang Yindan, Pu Suhua and Xiao Shuxiang Top 10 in politics: Huang Zhaolin, Hong Yuan Xiaoxue, Xiong Lulu, Li Xiang, Li Jin, Zhang Zhirui, Tang Binyuan, Zhou Honorary List for Final Examination Top 10 in history: Zheng Wenxiu, Li Runjing, Yang Xiang, Zhang Yi, Huang Zhaolin, Tang Binyuan, Hong Yuan Xiaoxue, Zhang Zhirui, Li Kaixin, Pu Suhua Top 10 in geography: Tang Bin, Deng Yonghao, Li Runjing, Huang Zhaolin, Pu Suhua, Hong Yuan Xiaoxue, Li Kaixin, Li Linyi, Xiong Lulu and Li Xiang Top 10 biologists: Deng Yonghao, Huang Zhaolin, Pu Suhua, Feng Jianyun, Li Runjing, Yang Xiang, Tang Binyuan, Li Linji, He Yongquan, Xiao Shuxiang Analysis of Final Examination • Language ranked fourth, only two points behind third place. • Mathematics ranked sixth, seven points behind fifth. • English ranked eighth, 12 points behind seventh. • Politics ranked eighth, three points behind seventh. • History ranks eighth, only 0.6 points behind seventh pl ace. • Biology ranked fourth, only two points behind third pl ace. • Geographical ranking eighth, only 0.4 points behind se venth. Learning: The initiative of learning needs to be improved, and the classroom atmosphere is not positive enough.The sitting posture and the voice of answering questions were strengthened.Early reading can not start early, the voice is too small, attention is not focused, there are always looking around and so on; homework handed in incomplete, homework writing needs to be improved, homework thinking is not enough, and so on; Discipline: Discipline as a whole is good, but some students still need to be strict with themselves, put collective honor in the first place, do not give the class deduction. Activities: To actively participate in the activities of classes and schools. Our shortco semester, new starting point, new expec Beginning with the Heart A good beginning is half the battle. • I. Teachers in the chest • 2. Home and country are i the breast • 3. Poetry is on the chest Let's read a passage written by Long Yingtai to his son Andre and share with you: • Child, I ask you to study hard, not because I w ant you to compare your grades with others, but because I hope you will have the right to choose meaningful, time-consuming jobs in t he future, instead of being forced to make a li ving.When your work is meaningful in your h eart, you have a sense of accomplishment.Wh en your work gives you time and does not de prive you of your life, you have dignity.Achie vement and dignity, give y

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