Key Points of Fire Protection in Ancient Buildings 1Fire risk Fire resistance level is low, fire load is large; group layout, fire spread rapidly; tall, it is difficult to control fire effectively; far away from town, it is difficult to fire fighting and rescue; it is difficult to use fire power and manage. 2, measures Make a good fire protection plan to improve the fire safety environment; improve the fire resistance performance and improve the fire resistance grade; open fire protection isolation zone and open fire control passageway; demolish illegal buildings to eliminate fire hazards; install lightning protection facilities; configure fire protection facilities; strictly control the management of fire sources and various inflammable and explosive items. Fire-proof isolation zones with a width of 30-50m should be opened around ancient buildings built in forests and countryside, and combustibles such as weeds and dead branches should be removed within the range of 30m in autumn and winter. 3Automatic fire extinguishing system It is advisable to set up wet automatic sprinkler system in ancient buildings with important brick wood structure and wooden structure. In the cold area, the automatic fire sprinkler system should be adopted for antifreezing or anti mistakenly sprayed ancient buildings. Water spray fire extinguishing system, fine water mist and super fine water mist fire extinguishing system should be adopted in important places such as water shortage areas, treasure houses and Tibetan buildings. For ancient buildings which are important in nature and are not suitable for water extinguishing, such as those collecting precious cultural relics, fixed or semi-fixed dry powder, gas extinguishing system or hanging automatic dry powder extinguishing device, carbon dioxide automatic extinguishing device and heptafluoropropane automatic extinguishing device can be set up according to actual conditions. 4Automatic fire alarm system In the inner hall of ancient buildings, infrared ray smoke detectors, cable temperature fixing detectors and flame detectors can be selected; cable temperature fixing detectors can be used on Buddha statues and on wall hangings, scriptures and cultural relics. The combination of smoke detectors and flame detectors can be used in other buildings such as personnel housing and warehouse, and the suction early fire detectors or linear optical fiber temperature detectors should be selected for collecting and displaying precious cultural relics in ancient buildings. 5Setting up fire safety signs Fire safety evacuation signs and fire safety warning signs such as "no fireworks" and "no smoking" should be set up in ancient buildings. 6Strict control of fire sources and management of various inflammable and explosive articles 1) It is forbidden to pile up combustible materials such as firewood, wood and so on within the protection scope of ancient buildings. 2) It is strictly forbidden to introduce gas and liquefied petroleum gas into ancient buildings. 3) It is forbidden to use fire for production and daily use in the main palaces of ancient buildings.Fire safety measures must be taken when residential fires need to be installed in compartments, corridors, courtyards and other places. 4) In ancient buildings, it is strictly forbidden to use high-temperature lighting fixtures such as halogen tungsten lamps and electric heaters such as electric furnaces. Fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps larger than 60W are forbidden to be used.If it is really necessary to install lighting fixtures and electrical equipment, the technical specifications and regulations concerning the installation and use of electrical equipment should be strictly enforced.The burning performance of lighting materials should not be lower than Bl grade and should not be close to combustibles. 5) In ancient buildings, copper-core insulated conductors are used for electrical circuits, and flame retardant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes are used to protect them or metal pipes are laid. It is not allowed to directly lay on flammable components such as beams, columns and fangs.Strictly prohibit disorderly wiring.The wiring mode should be a palace as a separate branch circuit. The control switch and fuse should be installed in the special distribution box. The distribution box should be set outdoors. It is stric

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