Internet Age Content marketing Visual content will lead the world Exe rcise homework of the 5th templa te in stitute: Xiaocao, M ay 6, 2015 The present age There is an indisputable fact . That is Our brand is suffering 2 Hitherto unknown Information Noise Siege Th e wo rld is f ul lo fc ho ice s. s t i b a H d n a r o i v a h e B s ' r e m u s n Co . d e g n a h c ly e t le p m It has been co Television can no longer attract all our attention 77 % When viewers wa tch TV, they also have other electr onic devices. 49% hold it. Intelligent mobile ph one 34% hold it. Laptop/Tablet Compute r . e g a r e v o c f o l l u f s i t e n r e t The In ! t n e t n o c l l a s ' It 6 s e v l e s m e h t y b e c u d o r P s r Use Content ! 95% They are not Read It's a glance! t c e f f a l l i w t n e t Con 消费者的 体验 行动计划 可视化 内容 谈论的 话题 I still admire it. Customer Satisfa ction 90% Information is transmitted to the brain through visual form, and visual infor mation is received by the brain 60,000 times faster than text information. This is a visual worl d. visualization Content is king! This is the media . Here is the brand. , , How to express it? Better understandin g ? 众 受 响 怎样影 , 中 程 过 计 设 我建议在 : 点 键 关 个 几 注意 How to influence the audience? Social norm-social approval We try to do what is acceptable. At least it can be accepted by our communities and social organ izations. Conform to the habits and thinking of the public 16 How to influence the audience? mutual benefit When doing things for others We all tend to Hope to be rewarded and honored accordingly How to influence the audience? Fun and fun Sometimes we choose to do one thing. Just because It makes me happy. How to influence the audience? Vested interest Most people are quick-tempered. Hope to do something and see the benefits immediately Unwilling to wait for long promises of the future If You want to get Success

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