As a beginner, when you start learning, you will take many detours.But in fact, many detours do not have to be taken, which will waste a lot of time, resulting in a great discount in learning efficiency.Today, Xiaobian tells you about it, as aJavaBeginners, in the beginning of learning should pay attention to the problem, should form habits from the beginning. (1) Code specification When we are new to Java, we don't understand the importance of code specifications at all, because it's understandable that we don't understand some problems when we first come into contact with Java programming.First of all, I suggest that before you learn Java, you must understand that from the beginning to develop a good coding specification, which will be of great help to our future development.It's almost too late to change when you really work later.To a large extent, it affects your career development.Good code specifications can give us more possibilities for promotion.High quality code can be pleasing to the eye. (2) Communication Team work is absolutely indispensable in Java development. I find that companies need not only to recruit skilled Java developers, but also to dare to speak and pay attention to communication.People who always communicate with others can develop better.So when you start learning Java, you have to understand that.Whether in the process of learning or in the process of project development, it is very important to communicate with others.Especially in the initial stage of learning, because we will not control the overall learning.So what we begin to learn must be learned from others. In the process of communication, we can learn a lot of things we don't know in the process of conversation.Of course, this person's skills and skills are definitely better than yours. (3) Clear thinking and efficiency: In the process of software project development, the simplest link is coding, if the business logic can be clarified.Coding becomes easy.Beginners in learning must pay attention to a point, first think and then do, first clear thinking, and then write code, logic must be clear, details to be in place.In order to improve efficiency, we must remember not to get into a corner on a small problem. Many times, we really can not solve this small problem with our own ability, because we are exposed to too few things.Therefore, we should seek more help from others to improve the efficiency of solving problems.Then we put more time on learning other things. (4) Learning mentality Learning Java programming is normal, comparison is zero-based, and has never been exposed to programming before.Many people can hear the knowledge points on the video, but they just feel unable to start.This is a common problem.In the process of learning, you will also encounter the time when you want to give up.This is also a relatively common situation.But you need to know that no matter what happens, it's normal to start groping on your own.More attempts are the only way.If you don't want to take a detour, it's someone with experience. I have been doing Java for many years. If you have any questions about learning Java, you can always ask me, my autumn and autumn: the front is 827, the middle is 917, the back is 488.Beginners will take detours, hoping that we can reduce detours.I can do without the latest java learning materials. BeginnerHow can we enter the learning state? In fact, many beginners in Java learning, he did not enter a healthy learning state.I have repeatedly stressed the importance of entering a learning state.If it becomes hard and uncomfortable to study, this is an unhealthy state of study.It's like going to school.Every day I have to go to class and do my homework every day. This is what I have to do every day. This is the norm.Nowadays in this society, people who do not study will be constantly eliminated.So think about why you want to learn Java.Keep a good pace of learning.Take learning as a daily necessity.In fact, learning programming is quite interesting, but I did not find the motivation point, it may be that the pressure is not enough.The taboo of learning programming is to fish for three days and sun the net for two days. Don't interrupt your study. That's what happens in one go.It's better for you to have a goal. What is your career plan?: It's really important to have a clear goal.I have contacted many programmers who have been doing Java

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