Company Road Transportation Safety Hidden Danger Checklist project Investigation contents Inspection method Freight 1Whether safety production transportatio organizations have been set up in n accordance with relevant regulations. File search. 2Is the company adequately equipped with safety management personnel in accordance with relevant regulations? File search. 3Whether the safety personnel have been certified to work. Check the job certificate. management trained and 4Whether to formulate a safety system in accordance with existing laws, regulations, rules and relevant requirements of superiors. Check system. 5Whether safety funds have been withdrawn according to the Interim Measures for Financial Management of Production Safety Expenses of Enterprises in High-Risk Industries [2006] 478 of the Ministry of Finance and the General Administration of Safety Supervision, as well as budgets, final accounts and expenditures. Check the annual revenue, withdrawal amount, annual budget and final accounts and financial details of the enterprise. 6In accordance with the spirit of Document No. 33 and No. 112 of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Security, the General Administration of Security Supervision [2012], the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport [2012], the Provincial Department of Transport, the Public Security Department, the Provincial Bureau of Security Supervision [2012], and the Provincial Department of Transport [2012], specific implementation measures have been formulated and implemented well. Check and make documents and record of work. Examinat ion result 7Whether an annual plan for driver education and training and vehicle secondary maintenance has been formulated. Check driver education and training, vehicle secondary maintenance annual plan. 8Whether safety management personnel have participated in the training organized by relevant management departments. Check the situation. 9In view of the large and serious accidents that have occurred in passenger transport enterprises in the whole province since this year, we have organized and carried out targeted safety warning education. Check relevant education and training materials. 10Whether a record account has been established in the secondary maintenance of vehicles. Check its records 11How does the enterprise supervise the secondary maintenance of operating vehicles? Inspection system and implementation record. 12Whether the "five unified" management has been implemented for drivers. Check the contract (agreement) signed between the enterprise and the driver, the training examination record, the reward and punishment system. 13Whether to organize education and training for drivers not less than 2 times a month and no less than 1 hour each time according to relevant regulations Check training records. 14Whether the content of driver training education has pertinence and training effect. Check training content, check and record account. 15Whether to check the safety belt and fire extinguisher regularly. Check record and spot check. 16Whether the company has signed a safety transport agreement with the driver, and whether the safety management responsibility of the vehicle is specified in the agreement. Check the agreement. 17Is GPS Installation Standardized training Check the working plan of installing GPS monitoring platform for vehicles, and check the status of receiving batteries according to the requirements of GPS vehicle terminal. 18Whether to deal with the illegal business behavior found in GPS monitoring in time. Check violation records. 19Whether the reason why the GPS monitoring platform personnel do not operate vehicles online every day is clear, if not how to deal with the reason. Spot check and check the working records on site. 20Whether to implement safety precautions for vehicle operation in special sections Check out special security measures

docxDoc Investigation and treatment of potential safety hazards of road transport enterprises

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