Introduction to Recruitment Companies When a company publishes its recruitment information, it should also introduce the internal situation of its own company.This article is a sample introduction of recruitment company, for your reference! ____________. the Recruitment Company Profile Fan Wen 1 Company Profile: Huludao Qihua Railway Equipment Co., Ltd., located in the scenic coastal city of Huludao Beigang Industrial Park, was founded in 2007, is a private manufacturing enterprise mainly producing railway freight car accessories, metallurgical mining equipment, mechanical processing and various rubber products.The company invests 120 million yuan, covering an area of 50 mu, 4000 square meters of office buildings and 16,000 square meters of factory buildings.Staff dormitories and canteens are all available.The company has more than 100 sets of machinery processing, forging, lifting and other equipment. Huludao Beigang Industrial Park is one of the "five points and one line" key development areas in Liaoning coastal economic zone, and also a provincial development zone.The company's leading products are slag-free track slab prestressing system for high-speed railway passenger dedicated line, embedded parts for high-speed railway passenger dedicated line, integral track construction equipment series, railway freight car accessories.Mainly sold to the national key project Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway passenger dedicated line, Harbin-Dalian railway passenger dedicated line and Qiqihar, Dalian, Shenyang, Taiyuan, Jiangshore, Qishuyan, Tongling and other Ministry of Railway South Railway Group and North Railway Group vehicle factories, road bureaus. 1. Recruitment positions: mechanical design (2); process technology (1), riveter (1 shift), welder (several), sheet metal worker (1), electrician (1 must hold a work permit); boring worker (1 shift). 2. Negotiation of wages and benefits. Brief Introduction of Recruitment Company Fan Wen 2 Introduction of Zhuhai Aster Company Zhuhai, a beautiful coastal city, is one of the four earliest special economic zones in China.She lies across the sea from Hong Kong in the east, takes only one hour by boat, connects Macao in the south, and is only two hours away from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan.Zhuhai's beautiful natural environment and ingenious urban planning and construction make the city full of seaside garden and modern flavor.Zhuhai City has been awarded "UN Best Example Award for Improving Human Settlement Environment", "Garden City" and "National Ecological Demonstration Zone" by the relevant departments of the United Nations, the state and the province.At the same time, among the 30 "safest cities in China in 2009" selected by the "China Urban Competitiveness Research Association", Zhuhai is the only city selected in Guangdong Province.As one of the earliest special economic zones in China, Zhuhai has a good momentum of economic development.In 2010, Zhuhai's GDP reached 12.26 billion yuan, and its per capita GDP reached more than 80,000 yuan, ranking fourth in Guangdong Province.With the gradual advancement of the Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Cooperation Zone and the implementation of a large number of major transport facilities such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Zhuhai's development is ushering in a new and important strategic opportunity. Zhuhai, a beautiful new garden city, has bred an industry which makes Zhuhai people proud of. Printing consumables industry.After more than 10 years of development, Zhuhai has leaped to become "the capital of printing consumables in the world".As one of the eight key industries in Zhuhai, the printing consumables industry in Zhuhai has a far higher position and influence in the world than other pillar industries in Zhuhai, such as electronic information, household appliances, precision machinery manufacturing, biomedicine, industry, electric power and energy. petrochemical China has become a big country in the production of office automation equipment and consumables in the world, and the overall production is growing at the rate of 20% - 30% every year.The Pearl River Delta, with Zhuhai as its core, bears more than 70% of the output of printing consumables in China, and occupies an important position in the printing consumables industry in the whole country and even in the whole world.However, like the fate of many other e

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