Introduction of Food Safety Project The Food Safety Project is led by the "National Office of Government Information Integration". It has the functions of government information, food safety legal investigation center, government information, food safety public opinion monitoring center and comprehensive information center. It also integrates food safety law publicity, legal investigation, public opinion monitoring and food safety information service into one information application center. 。 It has a website group platform consisting of 200 independent websites, including food safety internal reference, food safety online network, food safety public opinion network, quality inspection and investigation network, food information network, anti-counterfeiting legal network, food safety research network, market supervision information network, etc. It uses a user name to register and log in, publishes information on similar channels or columns, and uses one website to send more articles.Website sharing and publishing. The Food Safety Legal Research Center is dedicated to the research of key national food safety topics, the feedback of food safety related policies, the publicity and education of food safety policies and laws and regulations, and the assistance of the masses in safeguarding their rights. The Food Safety Public Opinion Monitoring Center is dedicated to monitoring public opinion, blocking and deleting all kinds of harmful information, explaining doubts and eliminating adverse effects.The food safety integrated information center mainly focuses on information dissemination, mass interaction and information service. With the implementation of food safety strategy clearly put forward in the report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, people pay more and more attention to food safety. Food safety is an important task to build a well-off society in an all-round way and a socialist modern country in an all-round way.However, there are three main characteristics of food safety in China. First, the problem food is more and more widely involved.Problem food has expanded from traditional main and by-products such as grain, oil, meat, poultry, eggs, beans, aquatic products to fruits, alcoholic dried goods, dairy products and stir-fried foods, showing a three-dimensional and all-round trend.Secondly, the harmfulness of the problem food is becoming more and more serious, which has changed from the external health hazards to the internal safety hazards of food.In the past, only attention was paid to the total number of bacteria in food. Now, pesticides, fertilizers and chemical residues in food are indepth.Thirdly, the means of making inferior drugs are becoming more and more diverse, more and more "in-depth", more and more concealed, from the outside of food to the inside, from physics to chemistry.From the exposure of poisonous and harmful food, criminals'methods of making poisonous and counterfeit food are various and varied.It has seriously affected the order of the food market and people's health, in order to better regulate the food market.Therefore, guided by the "National Office of Government Information Integration" and with the functions of "Political Communication, Food Safety Law Research Center, Political Communication, Food Safety Public Opinion Monitoring Center and Political Communication, Food Safety Integrated Information Center", the food safety project integrating food safety law popularization, legal investigation, public opinion monitoring and food safety information service has come into being.Life. Food safety project serves for the friends of urban and rural residents, safeguards the vital interests of the friends of urban and rural residents, and helps the food safety market to establish a better food market order.In order to strengthen the supervision of the food market and the self-examination and autonomy of the food market, we should root out the fundamental problems of suboptimal food market and harming consumers.The Food Safety Law Research Center also provides relevant food information and safety information for the vast number of urban and rural residents, and draws a beautiful blue sky for promoting the harmonious and orderly development of the food market.

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