Electric glass elevator Glass lifter is the lifting device of automobile door and window glass, mainly divided into electric glass. Glass elevator does not touch glass elevator two major categories.Many cars now have windows and doors The swing up and down (closing and opening) mode has been abandoned. Generally, the button-type electric lifting mode is used, even if the electric glass is used for lifting. Device. _Classification of electric glass elevators: _Structure of electric glass elevator: The arm type glass elevator is simple in structure, convenient in processing and low in cost. It is common to use anecdotes on vehicles in our country.Toyota uses Lola and other models. This kind of structure lifts, so we will focus on the introduction. Single arm glass elevator: The single arm glass elevator has only one elevator arm, which is the simplest in structure, but because of the fact that it has only one elevator arm. The relative position of the bearing points of the lifting arm between the nonglass centers of mass often changes, and the glass rises and falls. The structure is only suitable for parallel straight sides of glass. Love. Single arm glass elevator Double arm glass elevator: The double-arm glass elevator has two lifting arms, depending on two arms. The arrangement is divided into parallel arm lifts and cross arm lifts.No single arm Compared with the double-arm glass elevator, the double-arm glass elevator itself can ensure the flat glass. Rising and falling, the lifting power is also greater than Yiyi.Among them, the support width of the cross arm glass elevator is wide. It is widely used because of its large degree and smooth movement. Cross-arm glass elevator Working Principle of Cross Arm Glass Lift Parallel arm glass elevator structure is relatively simple and compact, but due to support Width is smaller than the crane, work crane is larger, so motion stability is like cross arm glass. Glass lifter _Electrical part of electric glass elevator: When the ignition switch is connected, the door and window relay is closed and the electric door circuit is dead. When the source is connected, the combination switch ring is separated from the upper position, and the current flows through the door. Window motor, the motor rotates to drive the elevator, so that the windows and doors are raised; will be set up. Close the switch ring separately, turn off the "lower" position, and change the current flowing through the door and window motor. The direction of rotation of the motor is changed by changing the direction, and the lifter drives the windows and doors. Decline.When the window glass rises and falls to the end, the circuit breaker cuts off a section. Time, and then restore to the on state. A 03 Buick Regal with a driving mileage of about 16000 km The glass of the left front door stops in the middle position and there is no response when the switch is pressed.First check the left front The fuse of the glass elevator is normal.Remove the inner panel of the left front door and pull out the glass lift The motor of the descender is connected with a test lamp in series with two terminal conductor side connectors. Press the glass. Lift switch, test lamp can be normally lit, indicating that the circuit and lift switch are positive. Often, there must be a problem with the glass elevator motor.Because the owner suspects our company's glass Glass elevator motors are offered at a high price, requiring sellers to buy them.The owner of the car picks and sells himself The motor of the descender should be replaced immediately. It was thought that the above-mentioned faults could be eliminated, but A new malfunction occurred in the test run: the glass elevator dropped to the bottom but failed. Upgrade the system.Remove the elevator motor wire-side connector and place it at 2 terminals The test lamp is connected in series and the lifter switch is pressed. The test lamp can still be turned on normally.Why? When the glass elevator motor rises, both the power supply and the tie-up are normal, but the glass can be used. Rise?Is there a problem with the newly replaced glass elevator motor? Remove the newly replaced glass elevator motor and insert the wire side connector According to the glass lifting switch, the test results show that the motor lifting is normal.Glass again Glass elevator motor installed in place, the fault is still.On the wire side of the motor Is it true that two wires on the conductor side c

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