Congratulations on employee's birthday card Over the past XX years, the company has steadily moved forward.The development of the company depends on the unknown work and efforts of you and other employees.In the new year, I wish you a happy New Year and a happy family.It's your birthday soon. On behalf of all the employees, the company heartily says to you: Happy Birthday!May you work in the Year of the Ox, your family and your luck be even better. Happy birthday to all my colleagues in the company.May all happiness, all happiness, all warmth and all good luck always surround you. I would like to be like that maple leaf, stretching my pure shallow green in the morning breeze, burning my brilliant red in the sunset, dedicated to your birthday. Happy birthday to my happy, beautiful, enthusiastic, healthy, confident and energetic friends!May you use your laughter and laughter to infect your partners cordially!This is another starting point for the journey of life. I hope you can persevere. Nature's artists paint you with heavy colors on this day and bring you colorful dreams on the warmest day of 365 days. May my heart be a flower, blooming in your sky, adding a little warmth to your birthday and a beautiful color to your happiness. Let me keep this fragrant memory and treasure this beautiful friendship. On your birthday, please accept my deep blessing. May the future life become a colorful poem. Youth and genius go hand in hand, which is undoubtedly the best picture in the world.And you have both. Today, may your youth and wisdom bring you a better tomorrow!Happy birthday! Only those who know how to live can appreciate the beauty of flowers. Only those who know how to love can appreciate the fragrance in their hearts. I wish you a special birthday. The sun and the moon rotate forever. If you are sincerely accompanied, no matter where you are in the world, the company will send you the most sincere wishes.Happy birthday to you!In the past few years Let's bless you, let's laugh for you, because on your birthday, every employee in the company is as happy and happy as you.Happy birthday to you! Shou Xing-lao, all colleagues in the company wish you all the wishes, all the dreams can be realized, all the waiting can appear, all the efforts can be fulfilled.In the past few years Send a cup of company colleagues carefully special juice, which contains 100 cc of wishes and accomplishments, 200 cc of happy every day, 300 cc of vitality, wish you a happy birthday.In the past few years All colleagues in the company hope that the grass in your heart will be evergreen, youthful and open.Happy birthday, health and happiness!In the past few years Envy your birthday is so romantic, full of poetry and painting, I only hope you are happy, healthy and beautiful every day in the company.May your face be as brilliant as spring. I sincerely wish you a happy birthday!In the past few years Close the door and show your humorous words and frank temperament.You are a trickle, nourishing our hearts, you care about colleagues in life, you help colleagues in work, on your birthday, all colleagues of the company offer you a blessing: "Happy Birthday!"

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